Referendum on EU Association Agreement with Ukraine

On Wednesday 6 April, the Dutch citizens will be able to vote in a referendum on the association agreement of the European Union with Ukraine. Dutch ECPM members ChristenUnie and SGP both have their reservations on this referendum and the way it came into being. ECPM shares these worries as this referendum is not so much about a clear choice for or against one issue. This association agreement is a complex matter that is extremely difficult to fully explain to citizens. Especially on such complicated matters, ECPM believes that citizens should trust the representatives that they have elected to do their work properly.

However, we would like to make use of this moment to say that ECPM is in favor of good relations with neighboring countries of the European Union. A good relation with a stable, safe and developing Ukraine is worth investing in. Furthermore, ECPM believes that if an EU neighbor expresses its will to cooperate more with EU, the EU should always respond constructively and realistic.

In this sense we are in favor of more cooperation but also realistic enough to see that the current European Union cannot handle any further expansion in a proper way. However, since the association agreement is not about EU expansion this cannot be a valid argument in this particular case.

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