Recognize IS killings as genocide

Members of the European Parliament, amongst whom ECPM MEP Branislav Škripek, have tabled a motion for resolution on the systematic mass murder of religious minorities by IS. On Thursday 8 February the European Parliament will vote on this resolution during the plenary session in Strasbourg. The goal of this resolution is to recognize the killing of Christians and other religious minority groups in Syria and Iraq as genocide, something the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has already done.

ECPM MEP Branislav Šk​ripek: "We have to aptly name the kiling of Christians and other religious groups. This is genocide. We, as the European community, have to adopt a clear attitude. IS will be defeated and everybody who is responsible for the current genocide will have to face the International Court."

International law states that the criminal act of genocide is not subject to the statute of limitations. Therefore, the actors of genocides are tried and sentenced even when their committed crimes took place decades ago. Defining the killing of religious minorities by IS as genocide will result in actual and quick steps of the international community that will result in a major win against IS.

ECPM supports this motion for a resolution and particularly points to the fact that the resolution calls on the Council and European External Action Service (EEAS) to start working, with international and regional partners, on a post-IS scenario.

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