Questioning the impartiality of Timmermans as EC Vice-President

The European Christian Political Movement is concerned about the presence of European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans at a fundraising event of ILGA-Europe. By choice, he should focus on legislative proposal for a more effective European Union, deal with an imminent Grexit, and convince Member States to actively fight the presence of ISIS in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Instead, Timmermans choses to call for same-sex marriage in all EU countries, which is not an EU competence, at a fundraising gala of the LGTBI lobby.

The ECPM would have appreciated it if Vice-President Timmermans would have respected the Member States sovereignty and the principle of subsidiarity on this matter and acts impartial on topics which are not a EU competence. Moreover, attending a fundraising event for a lobby group as the Vice-President of the European Commission is, in our view, disrespectful to the people who have a different opinion than this lobby group.  In fact, many citizens of the EU, who are believers of various religions and who have a different view on this, are left aside by Timmermans.

The ECPM reminds that the EU’s funding on all matters regarding the protection of family is already very one-sided and far from impartial. In this case, Timmermans makes it clear that, he is not the Vice-President of the European Commission for all European citizens, but rather for those in favour of same-sex marriage. The ECPM calls on the Vice-President, Frans Timmermans and all EU Commissioners to stick to their competences and take into account the opinions of ALL European citizens instead of clearly promoting one viewpoint over another.

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