Open Doors in the European Parliament

On the 20th of January, ECPM MEP Peter van Dalen invited Open Doors to the European Parliament to present their World Watch List of the persecution of Christians worldwide. Every year, the list points out 50 countries where persecution is the worst.

The level of persecution worldwide is rising. North Korea tops the list for the 14th year. Other countries on the list include several Middle Eastern and African countries, with special concern for Syria and India. All speakers advocated religious freedom worldwide. Some of the countries on the list offer religion without freedom, others freedom without religion. But what is truly necessary is religious freedom.  

Peter van Dalen stressed that religious freedom should be advocated for in all levels of policy. “We should not only talk about trade in bilateral agreements, but also about religious freedom.” We have a responsibility to support persecuted Christians and help them by advocating in politics. ECPM stresses that the topic of persecution of Christians should remain high on the agenda of the European Parliament. We respect freedom for all: freedom of religion, expression and conscience.

Representatives of all political groups in the European Parliament were present during the presentation. ECPM MEPs Arne Gericke and Branislav Škripek were also attending. 

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