One of Us verdict is widening the democratic deficit

On the 28th of May, during its the last day in office, the former “Barroso Commission” vetoed the Citizens’ Initiative “One of Us", the largest petition in the history of European Institutions. This initiative demands that Brussels no longer finances any practice that destroys human life before birth.

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is a participative democracy mechanism created by the Treaty of Lisbon through which a million citizens can take the initiative of introducing a legislative proposal in the European institutions. The aim of the ECI is to give citizens more influence in EU legislation and by this aim to decrease the gap between the European Institutions and the citizens of the EU member states. ECPM feels that a veto of such an Initiative is creating the opposite.

The Commission’s response, which is categorized by "One of Us" as hypocritical and disdainful does for sure not give the impression that the citizens in EU member states are taken seriously. It feeds the thought that the European Institutions only favour initiatives that are in line with the dominant ideology within these Institutions.

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