MEP's Gericke and van Dalen present statement on marriage and family during ECPM GA

During the ECPM General Assembly that took place in Seeon, Germany on the 29th of May 2015, MEP Arne Gericke and Peter van Dalen have presented the statement Strengthening marriage and family as indispensable for society in Europe. In the statement, the MEP’s express their concerns regarding the objectives and key message of the Irish referendum, articulating the value and importance of marriage and natural family. All present ECPM members supported this statement with a unanimous vote.

Below you can read the statement as presented during the GA: 

Strengthening marriage and family as indispensable for society in Europe

Marriage and the natural family are an indispensable element and a supporting pillar of our society. Exemplary for Europe, Article 6 of the German Constitution – strengthened by the jurisprudence of the Federal Constitutional Court – puts the marriage between man and woman under the special protection of the state. It also strengthens the right of parents and draws the welfare of children to the forefront of society.

German law is a model for Europe. It strengthens marriage as an institution and as the foundation of society and respects different life relationships.

Marriage is at the core of a sustainable social contract. Its central aims must not be put into question - neither economically nor socially nor demographically. Marriage between woman and man has been our social model for thousands of years.

Redefining legal marriage inevitably leads to an erosion of its social order and is therefore leads to it being discussed beyond the equality and gender debate.

The legal institution of marriage includes not only the partnership between man and woman - it also focuses particularly on the parents who have the responsibility for children.

Marriage and family are inextricably linked. Marriage between man and woman has a special relationship with regard to children as future of our society.

The protection by the state of the marriage covenant and the agreement between man and woman as the basis of a family with children respects existing practices. It does not discriminate. Any waiver of the characteristic of the different genders of the spouse creates a great danger, and undermines the understanding of the significance of marriage and its indispensable social dimension. Even today, the legal situation with respect to the different ways of life and responsibilities is adequate in Europe.

Therefore the objectives and key messages of the Irish referendum are misleading and should not be accepted unexamined.

The value of marriage is fundamental to our society and must not be sacrificed by short-term, undifferentiated debates.

As members of the ECPM we therefore call for the protection of the natural family and of marriage as a social contract between man and woman and also for the full respect for the diversity of life concepts and their specific responsibilities.

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