MEPs Škripek and Gericke welcome announcement of federal system in Northern Syria

ECPM/ECR MEPs Branislav Škripek (OLaNO, SK) and Arne Gericke (Familien-Partei, DE) welcome the announcement of the establishing of the “Democratic Federal System for Northern Syria”.

“This is an important step to get real peace and real democracy” MEP Gericke reacts. “It makes official what de facto already was established: a democratic self-administration (DSA).” MEP Škripek, the first MEP who went personally to the area in May 2015 to meet with the local administrators, fully agrees: “The DSA is a native democratic initiative which stands as a role model for sustainable peace efforts in ISIS-threatened and civil-war destructed Syria. Therefore, I call upon the international community to endorse it.”

The DSA is established by the different groups in order to protect and administer their own land based on principles of human dignity and equality of religions and ethnic groups. “This is very important”, MEP Škripek says. “It is established by the people themselves, fully respecting international democratic standards. This needs to be recognized.” “And that is why it is a big mistake that these groups are not invited to the current negotiations for peace in Geneva” MEP Gericke adds. “We call upon the international community to immediately change this.”

The area is still under serious threats, not only by ISIS/Da’esh, but also by other groups and countries. “In order to save lives, this area needs aid from the EU now. But this aid can only be delivered if Turkey will open the border and if the Kurdish Regional Government will reopen the border at Fishkabur. We therefore urge them to do so immediately”, MEP Gericke says.

“This is a unique chance to achieve peace. All groups, Kurds, Syriacs (Christians), Turkmans and Yezidi’s can live here in peace together and share the responsibilities. Being in close contact with the Syriacs, the indigenous people of the area, I hope and pray that they can finally live together in peace with full rights to confess their faith,” MEP Škripek concludes.

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