Human embryos should be protected, because they are “One of Us”

ECPM is glad with the outcome of the Public Hearing on the European Citizens Initiative “One of US”

Nature and Human life is not a democratic issue. Human Dignity is inviolable and must be respected. According to the European Court of Justice rulings’, human embryo is defined by its conception. As Christians we believe that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore life should be protected from its conception to its natural death.

The European Citizens Initiative “One of Us” aims to protect and respect the dignity and integrity of the human embryo. Its demand is simple: that no funds should be attributed to destroy embryos, because they are “one of us”. This message is sent by almost 2 million EU citizens who signed this initiative. Thursday 10 April, the hearing in the European Parliament took place. The proposal was simple: “to include an ethic clause in the financial regulation of the EU that excludes explicitly any destruction of human embryos”.

Despite attempts of the opposition to influence the agenda beforehand, the public hearing went well due to the well-prepared speakers on behalf of “One of Us”. Gregor Puppink, representing the One of Us initiative clearly explained that both the Initiative “One of Us” as its contents is completely in line with EU legislation, EU competences and with fundamental rights. Also Professor Filippo Vari explained that research on human embryos had not brought solutions for terminal diseases. Sophia Kuby (European Dignity Watch) questioned the EU development aid funding in developing countries for abortion related projects. 

There were also critics on the Initiative, but these were mostly refuted with sound arguments, solid facts and scientific evidence brought forth by proponents of the initiative.

ECPM is glad with the results of the hearing and the discussions about the inconsistencies of the EU regarding the equal protection of every human being from the moment of conception onwards. As also written in our manifesto “For a Europe of Dignity, Freedom and Responsibility”, we oppose disrespecting the dignity human persons deserve in the embryonic stage by destroying them for scientific purpose.

“Respect for Human Dignity in the field of Biomedical research requires universal acceptance of the principle that Science must serve Humanity rather than Humanity serve Science. Human life, in whatever form, whatever its appearance or capacity, has inherent and indisputable dignity. Basic biological principles irrefutably show that from the moment of conception or creation the embryo inside or outside the womb is a unique human being with a unique genetic code.”

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