Greek referendum is a clear sign to accept the European reality

The outcome of the Greek referendum is giving the leaders in the Eurozone a very clear sign: it is time to replace European ideology with the European reality. ECPM calls for a quick decision of all parties involved to create and implement a decent Eurozone-exit of Greece.

In light of all human, economic and political consequences of an unplanned Grexit, it is clear that a decent exit is an absolute necessity. All losses through an uncontrolled Grexit are already a fact and our common task now is to limit the damage.

We call for a deep reflection on the decisions of the major European political parties who ignored all previous warnings in order to continue a policy that was rather based on Euro-ideology than on reality. As they rejected all calls for a different direction they bear as much responsibility for this outcome as the Greek people.

We repeat that Greece remains part of the EU and that the EU is not merely a unity of open markets but also a unity of peoples and values. These values dictate a timely and responsible decision that respects the human dignity of the Greek people and enables a European future for Greece. A different currency is not a different community.

While a ‘spontaneous Grexit’ will weaken the EU considerably, an orderly exit will show the unity and strength of the EU as community of peoples.

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