George Rukhadze: Human Trafficking is modern day slavery

ECPM Vice-President George Rukhadze took a strong stance against Human Trafficking at the ChristenUnie congress held in the town of Lelystad, the Netherlands, on 1 February, 2014. He pinpointed this problem as one of the important issues that the European Union should address. ‘Human trafficking, which is an increasing source of income for criminal syndicates, deprives many Europeans and non-European from their human dignity and is a disgrace for the civilized world”, Rukhadze said.

According to him, besides fighting human trafficking, ECPM’s campaign for the upcoming European Elections will focus on human dignity, freedom of faith and conscience, marriage and family, and sustainable economy.

During the ChristenUnie congress, which was co-hosted by the ECPM, George Rukhadze also formulated the "relational response" to the current problems in the European Union and its institutions. "The ECPM wants to see a Europe which citizens really can relate to instead of a distant Brussels which focuses on the legislation that even affects the way how parents raise their children. Europe should facilitate more and regulate less" - was his final remark on the issue.

Peter van Dalen (MEP ChristenUnie) just returned from Egypt after a working visit with Joel Voordewind (MP ChristenUnie). He showed the audience a partly burned bible that he found in one of the many burned churches that he visited. Van Dalen stated that the European Union needs to put freedom of religion as a number 1 priority in their foreign policy.

Almost 500 people, including Bas Belder (MEP, SGP), attended the congress where the ChristenUnie adopted their European political programme and officially launched their local elections campaign.

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