Ferrara and Rodrigues report breach subsidiarity

This week, Members of the European Parliament vote in Strasbourg on two controversial reports: the Situation of fundamental rights in the EU (2013-2014), by Ms Laura Ferrara (EFDD, Italy) and Empowering girls through education in the EU by Liliana Rodrigues (S&D, Portugal).

Similar to other reports on these topics in the past, there is once again little respect for national competences. Besides this, both reports are in line with a one-sided ideology that is not shared by many citizens in Europe, hence creating division instead of unity. Completely ignoring the voice and views  of believers and religious communities in the European Union will not lead, in the eyes of ECPM, to a stronger and healthier EU, but will create a weaker and divided EU.

An in-depth analysis of these reports can be found on the website of FAFCE.

Instead of focusing on issues which can be dealt with by Member States themselves, ECPM would like the EU to focus on those areas where it complements Member States. Instead of prescribing Member States what to do in their own countries, the focus of the EU should be to facilitate especially on those areas where Member States cannot act alone.

The founding fathers of the European Project envisioned a European Union that would facilitate reconciliation, and safeguard peace, prosperity and cooperation between Member States. It did not envision any particular ideology for a Member State. ECPM believes that the European Institutions should shift their focus towards the orginal aim of its founding fathers as there are several international challenges that the EU Member States need to face together.

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