Exhibition Launch: The Global Impact of the Bible

You are invited to the European Parliament for the launch of the public exhibition: “The Global Impact of the Bible”, a joint initiative between the British & Foreign Bible Society and the French Bible Society, with the support of most political groups of the European Parliament (EPP, Greens, ALDE, EFD, S&D), and hosted by Mr Peter van Dalen, MEP (ECR).

The exhibition is well-placed in the European Parliament, an institution which fosters cooperation among member states in the areas of culture and education, and has a commitment to the improvement of knowledge and dissemination of culture, the protection and promotion of cultural diversity, and moreover the conservation and safeguarding of the cultural and implicitly religious and biblical heritage.

Written at the crossroads between the East and the West, the Bible has had a strong influence on European and global culture. Today, the influence of the Bible can be found in numerous areas - art, advertising, law, the calendar, language, medicine, education, politics and so on – yet the cultures have lost sight of the rich origins of what shaped them.

The 'Global Impact of the Bible' exhibition will take you on a journey of learning and rediscovery of the biblical roots of our culture. In six episodes, you will encounter the Bible’s origins, the transmission of the text down the generations, the translation of the Bible for a global audience, the historical context inhabited by the authors of Bible, how it has influenced our cultures, and the characters in the Bible whose lives, stories and drama act as a reference points for our own journeys, both as individuals and communities.

The exhibition, consisting of six panels and interactive tools will be available in the JAN 2 exhibition space from Monday 31 March to Friday 4 April 2014.

Do you have questions about Exhibition Launch: The Global Impact of the Bible? Contact British & Foreign Bible Society, Alliance Biblique Francaise, Societe Biblique Francophone de Belgique, European Conservatives & Reformists Group, European Christian Political Movement, The European People's Party, The Greens/European Free Alliance via this link.

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Programme launch event 2 April

12:00 – Lunch buffet
12:10 - Welcome (Cristian Romocea - BFBS, Matthieu Arnera – ABF,  Germain Mahieu - SBFB, Pascal Lauwaert - VBG)
12:20 – Opening address - Peter van Dalen MEP
12:30 - Greetings from other political party groups
12:40 – Christian Megrelis (ABF)
12:50 – Sir Charles Hoare (BFBS)
13:00 – Bible Exhibition’s inauguration
13:15 – Brussels Choir 

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