European Parliament Resolution against ISIS and its attacks in the Middle East needs to be put into action directly

On March 11th, the European Parliament called in a new resolution on recent attacks and abductions by Da’esh in the Middle East, notably of Assyrians (2015/2599(RSP)). The resolution calles on allies explicitly to co-operate with the Syriac Military Council and the YPG in their fight for humanity against ISIS (point 8 of the resolution).

The ECPM welcomes this clear resolution, as our MEP’s have dedicated a lot of effort in it, and notes that almost all MEP’s who explained their vote called for immediate military action to protect those who face an existential threat.

At this moment, there is clear evidence reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that Tal Tamer (a strategic location) is now surrounded by ISIS. YPG and Syriac Military Council fight a brave and unequal fight in terms of military hardware and ammunition. If Tel Tamer falls, it would allow ISIS to dominate a key road between the eastern part of Hassakeh and the town of the same name that are held by the Kurds, and also gain access to the Iraqi border and the jihadi bastion in Mosul beyond. This means that 1,5 million people are at risk to become the next victims of ISIS.

The ECPM joins the calls for immediate and real action as so many lives are at stake. The ECPM calls for immediate support to Syriac Military Council and YPG in their desperate fight to protect human life and the value of humanity itself.

The EP not only condemns all atrocities by ISIS against Christians, Yezidi’s, Turkmen and other minorities, it also urges its Member States for a proactive and preventive approach towards the threat of ISIS/Da’esh expansion into countries and regions beyond Iraq and Syria. It also calls the Gulf States and Turkey to play a positive role and no longer allow and support the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. The latter is a major factor in the rise of Islamic violence.

The ECPM welcomes the fact that the EP reaffirms the freedom of thought, conscience and religion or belief as a fundamental human right and understands its importance in this conflict. Connected to this it is very valuable that the resolution calls for co-operation with Churches and their networks as they provide assistance to all religious communities.

Finally the ECPM is pleased to see that the EP calls for safe havens for minorities and the call to the Council and the European External Action Service (EEAS) to start working with international and regional partners on a post-ISIS/Da’esh scenario. The minorities of Iraq can have a safe future and a form of self-government in negotiation with their neighbours . This is precisely what the ECPM proposed and Iraqi minorities called for in the Common Declaration (see picture) they presented 19 November 2014 to the European Parliament.

We call all Member States to put this resolution into action. We call the EU Foreign Affairs Ministers to take this resolution and the described situation seriously in their upcoming meeting at 16 March on Syria and Iraq.

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