European Parliament: freeze accession talks Turkey

A historic moment: on Thursday the 24th of November, the European Parliament has done something unique by accepting the resolution about candidate member Turkey.

ECPM MEP Peter van Dalen: "All representatives of our party in the European Parliament (ChristenUnie-SGP) have always opposed the accession of Turkey to the European Union. That is why they have always objected to the accession negotiations and to the many billions of EU-funds that have found its way to Turkey in the last years. Geographically, culturally and politically, Turkey is not a European country and will never become one.

Until recently, the majority in the European Council and the European Parliament felt that Turkey could become a member. Luckily, this view is now rapidly dwindling.

The resolution of the European Parliament about the relationship between the European Union and Turkey is not perfect. It does not mention a definite stop of the accession negotiations and sadly, the accession funds cannot be put to an immediate halt either.

Still, for the first time in history, the European Parliament calls for a freeze of the accession negotiations with an official candidate member of the European Union. A historic moment and a big step towards our position on Turkey.

So I am counting my political blessings: for the first time in its existence, the European Parliament is clearly moving towards our position on Turkey. That is why I support this joint resolution."

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