EU should do more than simply condemn actions in Ukraine

ECPM is gravely concerned about the brutal violence in the streets of Keiv and calls on President Yanukovych to de-escalate the situation immediately and resume talks with the opposition to find ways out of the existing crisis.
“We express our deepest condolences to the families of victims and call on the Ukrainian Government to take urgent measures to stop the violence immediately”, ECPM Vice President George Rukhadze said.

Rukhadze condemned violence by any side, however, stressed that Yanukovych government bore full responsibility over the tragic event. “The EU and the US should do more than simply condemn the actions from the different sides in Ukraine and resort to more active measures as sanctions or even mediation of talks if found necessary”, ECPM Vice President was quoted as saying. At the same time, he strongly condemned what seems to have been the Russian pressure on the Ukrainian government, which allegedly forced President Yanukovych to take tough measures against the demonstrators.

George Rukhadze reiterated ECPM’s full support for the aspirations of Ukrainian people to have a free and democratic European state where the fundamental rights to speech and assembly are fully protected.

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