Is the EU financing inequality and undermining real diversity?

Many people are not aware of the ongoing debate on life, family and freedom in the European Parliament. However, in the last half a year major debates on these issues took place. These debates were caused by controversial reports that were tabled in the European Parliament. Some of the proposals in the report directly affect the freedom of religious people. For example, the “Estrela report” presented by the Portuguese MEP with the same name, proposed that the EU should enforce abortion on all member-states and even on countries outside the EU. Another proposal was that the EU should limit the freedom of doctors that refuse to execute abortions. Furthermore, the report required that the EU should determine the sexual education in all the member-states, taking away the parent’s right to educate their children the way they want to.

Funding inequality?

The lobby that is threatening fundamental values, rights and freedoms is often heavily subsidised by the EU. Organisations as IPPF and Marie Stopes received millions of euro from EU subsidies, which enables them to fund their lobby to the EU. There is nothing wrong with lobbying, it is a part of politics that is often very useful to inform politicians and it can have a positive influence on public engagement. However, the European Union is constantly funding a lobby with specific views on a subject while groups with a different view on this subject receive little or no subsidy at all. How can the EU say that it wants to promote equality when it funds only one lobby and prefers it over all different views. It is the opinion of ECPM that an EU subsidised lobby to the EU institutions is a threat to real democracy and plurality.

Proposals that violate EU Fundamental Rights

Aside from the extremely unbalanced and unhealthy way of favouring a particular group over another it is also very disappointing to see that these EU funded lobbies are able to influence MEP’s to draw proposals that violate the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Both the Estrela and the Lunacek report propose legislation that is conflicting with this Charter. However, only a minority of the MEP’s seem to realize this. Thanks to a tremendous effort of those MEPs who treasure the Christian values the Estrela report was not accepted. Yet, the Lunacek report, which contains proposals that can be considered even more extreme, was not rejected. 

We need MEP’s who dare to take a stand

This is why we need people in the European Parliament who are not only voting the right way but who will also take action. It is about your children, what they will be taught at school. It is about the freedom of the organisation of your church and your company. We need people who will stand up against the lobby that is producing these ideas and proposals which are so uncritically adopted and tabled by MEP’s. There are at the moment too many MEP’s who are not aware of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people in Europe as described in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Vote Christian!

We call on you to raise your voice and make it count on May 22nd - 25th. We believe that the best way to do this is to vote for a candidate that has the right program and values. Every additional MEP who stands up for our core Christian values makes a serious difference.

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