EP: IS killings amount to genocide

We are glad to see that the European Parliament has passed the resolution brought in by MEPs to acknowledge IS killings as genocide. The motion for the resolution was tabled by MEPs who are concerned by the atrocities committed by IS against religious minorities such as Christians and Yazidi’s.

In the resolution, the European Parliament “expresses its most profound concern that, according to several UN Special Rapporteurs, the crimes committed by Daesh against religious minorities in Syria may amount to genocide [and] insists therefore on the historic responsibility of the international community to ensure that these crimes are determined by an authoritative jurisdiction”.

This resolution sends a clear message. International law states that the criminal act of genocide is not subject to the statute of limitations. Therefore, the actors of genocides are tried and sentenced even when their committed crimes took place decade ago. Defining the killing of religious minorities by IS as genocide will result in actual and quick steps of the international community that will result in a major win against IS.

The resolution recognizes the multi-ethnical and multi-religious defense groups against IS in the region for their effective way of fighting against IS. ECPM MEP Branislav Škripek: “Only independent and democratically elected politicians with the support of their independent army can ensure peace and stability of the Middle East region”. The resolution calls on the Council and European External Action Service (EEAS) to start working, with international and regional partners, on a post-IS scenario. ECPM wants to stress this point since independent self-administrations in the region are the key to a new and stable Middle East.

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