ECPM strongly condemns the pro-Russian separatist's aggression in Ukraine

"We are shocked by the military attack of the separatists against Mariupol, a city 25 kilometres outside of the Minsk ceasefire line, using Grad rocket systems and other advanced weaponry. The attack reportedly killed at least 30 and wounded over 100 civilians, including women, children and the elderly. We express our deepest sympathy for the families of those killed, and to all Ukrainian people”, George Rukhadze, the ECPM Vice President said.  According to him, the latest attack is yet another violation of the Minsk agreement and those responsible for this tragic attack must be brought to justice.

The ECPM calls on all sides of the conflict not to escalate the situation further, and start negotiations as soon as possible, and seek a peaceful solution based on the international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Russia must withdraw its military force from Ukraine, stop supplying arms to illegal armed groups, and create conditions for reestablishment of control on the international border between Ukraine and Russia.

ECPM also urges the EU and US governments to coordinate steps and join efforts to further contribute to the establishment of peace in eastern Ukraine. 

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