ECPM questions one-sided EU sponsoring of left liberal lobbies

The European Union is constantly funding a lobby with specific views on a subject while groups with a different view on this subject receive little or no subsidy at all. It is the opinion of ECPM that an EU subsidised lobby to the EU institutions is a threat to real democracy and plurality. By funding only one ideological lobby, the EU is facilitating inequality.

Disproportionate funding by the EU becomes clearly visible when the financing of lobbies that have a clear left-liberal preference concerning medical and ethical issues is examined. The IPPF European network received in 2012 €283.444,- the European Women’s Lobby €877.731,- and ILGA Europe €1.025.000,-. The biggest recipient on this issue however, is Marie Stopes International that receives a stunning amount of €102.000.000,-. ECPM has solid proof of these numbers.

Lobbying is not a problem as such. EU financing NGO’s is neither a problem. However, what is problematic is the disproportionate funding for only one group. It is crystal clear that mentioned organisations are politically active lobbies. One the other side, pro-life lobbies do not receive any subsidy form the European Parliament. By doing this, the EU is financing a left liberal lobby towards their own institutions. A striking example of this is the European Women’s Lobby where the EU financing matches the costs for lobbying.

Apart from the fact that the pro-life lobby does not receive funding from the EU, the bigger problem is that this disproportionate funding is undemocratic. If the EU wants to improve the undemocratic image that it has in the eyes of so many EU citizens, it should think twice about this disproportionate funding.

However, it gets even worse as the EU supported left-liberal lobby is using these funds to promote proposals that are clearly in contradiction with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. So, the European Union is funding a lobby that works against its own fundamental rights and freedoms. Even atheists that are pro-choice should be concerned that the EU promotes a lobby that restricts the freedom of conscience. After all, this is not only about political preferences anymore, this is about fundamental rights. If you start doing this on one issue, what will be next?

Finally it is hard to believe that MEP’s constantly state that these lobbies should receive even more EU funding because American billionaires support the pro-life lobby. Yet, the IPPF and Center for Reproductive Rights themselves receives millions via foundations of American billionaires. In 2013, the IPPF received around 10 million USD from these foundations. If these organisations are already well funded, why should the EU even add to this funding?

It is clear that there is an ideologically driven, one sided choice of the European Institutions that at least needs some democratic correction. However, this correction will not come from parties and organisations that are in favour with this agenda.

The European Christian Political Movement therefore calls on all Christians in the EU to vote for an ECPM candidate in order to create a healthier balance of ideological views in the EU institutions.

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