ECPM MEP's question presence of IPPF in European Parliament

Last Tuesday September 22, the IPPF was allowed to present its Barometer of Women’s Access to Modern Contraceptive Choice in the European Parliament. ECPM members and other MEP's protested against the presenting of this report as the IPPF is involved in several scandals in the United States related to the harvesting and selling of baby parts. MEP's Arne Gericke, Beatrix von Storch and Branislav Skripek made it clear that due to the current scandals IPPF should not be invited to the European Parliament.

The request of these (and other) MEP's that IPPF should leave the meeting was not complied with by Chairwoman Sophie in't Veld. Ofcourse this is understandable to a certain extent as MEP In't Veld shares the ideology of IPPF. However, it is very sad that instead of at least admitting that selling baby parts is morally questionable In't Veld simply stated that "IPPF is doing very good things" and made it very clear that she is very proud of what the organisation is doing.

Later during the meeting the spokesperson of IPPF linked those who were present and opposing IPPF, amongst them at least five MEP's, to extremist groups. Besides this, opposing MEP's were not given the floor during the meeting as "only constructive contributions' were allowed.

ECPM wonders if this is the kind of democracy that MEP's Malin Björk (GUE/NGL), Marie Arena ( S&D) and Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (EPP) envision. Whoever disagrees is either linked to extremist groups or labeled as 'not constructive'. Apparantly there is no freedom to disagree with those who promote the gender ideology.


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