ECPM MEPs disturbed by the "joyful" promotion of abortion

The ECPM MEP’s are greatly disturbed by the positive look given to abortion by the “All of us- Mobilizing for abortion rights” event. In this event abortion seems to be a “happy and colourful” experience. Regardless of the difference in view about abortion, our MEP’s think that “we could at least agree that when someone needs to resort to an abortion it is a tragedy”. Below you can read the open letter they sent.

Mrs Iraxte Garcia Perez
Mrs Ulrike Lunacek
Mrs Maria Arena
Mr Ernest Urtasun
Mrs Malin Bjȍrk
Mrs Sophie in't Veld

Brussels, 27/01/2015

Subject: Open letter on 'All of Us' event

Dear colleagues,

We have noticed your event on February 5th in the European Parliament with the title 'All of Us - Mobilizing for abortion rights'. Our own views on abortion are clearly different as we believe in the sanctity and dignity of life, from conception until natural end.

However, quite apart from our different views on abortion and the issue of the rights of the unborn child, we are appalled at the way you promote your event. The poster you designed shows a happy circle of people, all holding hands around the issue of abortion. It is a colourful, almost festive announcement of the start of your campaign 'For abortion rights!'

We think that, whether pro-life or pro-choice, we could at least agree that when someone needs to resort to an abortion it is a tragedy. The circumstances bringing a woman or a couple to this decision, the ending of life itself, are always difficult, emotional and dark; not easy, happy and colourful. We genuinely feel that the way you present your campaign disregards and tramples upon the struggles of so many women and couples.

Also, not least, denies many years of scientific research on the psychological impact of abortion on women whose pregnancy is ended.

We therefore suggest you to promote your event and campaign in a more sober, respectful way.

Yours sincerely,

Peter van Dalen
Arne Gericke
Marek Jurek
Branislav Škripek
Beatrix von Storch

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