ECPM members endorse resolution on tackling illegal immigration to Europe

The problem of illegal immigration to Europe that has cost thousands of lives so far is receiving more and more attention from the European Parliament. As a European party, ECPM feels responsible to address the issue as well. For this reason, during the ECPM General Assembly, the ECPM boar proposed to the members to accept the resolution on tackling illegal immigration to Europe. The members unanimously endorsed this resolution. Below you can read the resolution as presented during the GA.           

Declaration on tackling illegal immigration to Europe

(Accepted by the ECPM members on the 29th of May 2015 during the ECPM General Assembly)

The European parliament and the Member States need to act now to counter the growing illegal immigration to Europe.

From January to April this year there were about 17 times as many refugees deaths than during the same period last year. The European agency Frontex has reported that the migrants travel in increasingly crowded boats and worse conditions than before. The Mediterranean boat disaster of April 19 was a painful wake up call for the European Union.

After this crisis the European Union is planning to triple the budget of its Triton border protection operation. However these new forces to control the border are not enough.

This Triton operation patrols will only operate within 30 miles from the Italian coast, far away from many of the deaths at the sea.

Experts and NGOs highlight that the root causes and the reasons of the problem have not been addressed.

The members of the European Christian Political Movement calls on the European Parliament and the EU Member States to address an approach that deals with the imminent problems as well of root causes of the problem. Therefore we call on the EU and the Member States to adopt an approach with a main focus on early intervention and prevention in order to reduce the number of illegal immigrants.

The ECPM calls on the European Parliament to:

- Support Member States to forcefully track, prosecute and detain human traffickers and dismantle the structures that are used by them.

- Establish cooperation between the EU and African countries and African NGO’s to collect, analyse and disseminate information on migration flows coming from Africa.

- Provide information to discourage the potential immigrants for coming to Europe. The right information about life in Europe and difficulties of the trip should be passed directly into the local villages and communities.

The ECPM calls on the EU Member States to:

Address the lack of a common immigration policy across Europe which has imposed a burden on the Southern European countries that are on the front line of illegal immigration from Africa.

ECPM believes strongly in the principle of subsidiarity, however the growing problem of illegal immigration is causing an increasing loss of lives, an increasing cost in humanitarian aid and increasing problems for many EU member States. Therefore we call for solidarity between the EU Member States to face this problem together.

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