ECPM members accept resolutions on the crisis in Ukraine, the problem of illegal immigrants and surrogacy

During it´s General Assembly in Seeon, Germany, on the 29th of May the ECPM members spoke out on various issues. ECPM members took a clear stance in condemning the actions of Russia in eastern Ukraine, called for solidarity between the EU member states to act together to solve the problem of illegal immigrants and spoke out against the practice of surrogacy.

On the situation in Ukraine the members accepted the reoslution proposed by CDU Ukraine: ECPM expresses strong support to Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, its people and government, which today are striving to overcome the dual challenge of regaining control of their territory against Russian backed armed groups and engaging long awaited internal structural reforms.

Considering the problem of illegal immigration all members called upon the EU to: Support Member States to forcefully track, prosecute and detain human traffickers and dismantle the structures that are used by them.

Establish cooperation between the EU and African countries and African NGO’s to collect, analyse and disseminate information on migration flows coming from Africa.Provide information to discourage the potential immigrants for coming to Europe. The right information about life in Europe and difficulties of the trip should be passed directly into the local villages and communities.

And on the member states to: Address the lack of a common immigration policy across Europe which has imposed a burden on the Southern European countries that are on the front line of illegal immigration from Africa.

Regarding maternity trafficking and surrogacy that ECPM members accepted the resolution that states that : Surrogacy, although strictly forbidden in a number of countries, is a highly encountered practice. The unregulated nature of this practice creates numerous legal issues. The ECPM calls for the legislation and the practice of surrogacy in different countries to be assessed on the basis of existing international human rights treaties. (…) ECPM Members condemn surrogacy, in particular commercial surrogacy, and strongly encourage the admissibility for countries to adopt laws against this practice.


The full texts of all resolutions will be online soon.

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