ECPM launches initiative ‘Have Faith in Your Vote’

For all EU citizens to be able to vote for a candidate that reflects their values, the ECPM has started the webpage where Christian parties and candidates are selected per county.

The website was launched on the Europe Day which celebrates peace and unity in Europe and commemorates signature of Schulman Declaration on 9 May, 1950, which led to creation of the European Union.

George Rukhadze, the ECPM Campaign Manager, explains the idea: “Many Christians do not realize what is at stake at these European elections. Extremely important ideological battles take place in the European Parliament where Christians are currently under-represented. Therefore, we urge Christians throughout the EU to put faith in their vote and elect those candidates that share their core values”.

The urgency to vote Christian has increased after several controversial reports such as the Estrela and Lunacek report.  Noteworthy is also the hostility of many MEPs and their allied lobbies towards the ‘One of Us’ petition, which is the most successful European Citizens Initiative until now. The President of the Socialist group in the European Parliament branded the 1,8 million European citizens who signed this petition ‘religious extremists’. Why? Solely because these 1.8 million EU citizens believe that human embryos are human life and they should not be destroyed with the support of EU funding.

Besides ECPM members, other parties and candidates that have a Christian profile have also been included in the website. Please help us in promoting this page and urge your network to vote Christian!

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