ECPM joins Pope Francis' call for defense of Christians

On 2 April, Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked the Christian students in Garissa University, Kenya, killing 147 of them. This is again clear evidence that Christians are at risk of being killed for no other reason than being Christian.

The ECPM strongly condemns the terrorist attack and joins Pope Francis' call that the free world needs to awaken out of its indifference and defend Christians where needed. It is unacceptable and unfair when out of political correctness or sheer aversion against Christianity the killing of Christians for their faith is not properly covered in the media. We call on journalists and opinion leaders to see the facts for what they are and start to look at persecuted Christians as fellow human beings by giving serious attention to this global issue.

We also call on the EU Member States to adopt and implement the appropriate EU policies and European Parliament resolutions dealing with freedom of religion and persecution of Christians.

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