ECPM General Assembly elects Branislav Škripek as interim-President

At the last General Assembly of 2016, the ECPM members said farewell to resigning President Peter Östman and elected Branislav Škripek as interim president from 2017 on till the first General Assembly in 2017. The members also re-elected George Rukhadze as the vice-president of ECPM. Benjamin Harnwell resigned as a board member after serving for one term.

During the meeting, Heiner Studer, President of the Advisory Council, gave a favourable report on the work of ECPM and extended his gratitude to the ECPM staff and members for their cooperation. During the GA, the AC also presented a resolution rejecting the misrepresentation of Israel by UNESCO. This resolution was unanimously accepted by all members. You can read the resolution here.

During the meeting, General Director Guido van Beusekom presented several projects of ECPM. One of them is the roadmap for our new vision document, which will provide ECPM’s vision on the tasks and duties of the European Union. The second project is the implementation of six new spearheads. The third project concerned the official start of a petition against the accession of Turkey to the European Union. This petition has can be signed at The distinctive logo and photos of the website caused a positive response of the audience.

After this projects there was time for all present ECPM MEPs to give a report of their recent activities. Unfortunately, Bas Belder (SGP, The Netherlands) could not be with us at because he was on a mission to Israel. However, Peter van Dalen, Marek Jurek, Arne Gericke and Branislav Škripek shared with the members their activities of the second part of 2016 and their plans for 2017. Lastly, our Director for European Affairs Leo van Doesburg provided us with a report of his recent activities in the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. Valeriu Ghiletchi also shared some of his experiences in the Council of Europe.

Lastly, ECPM’s think tank presented their new name and logo. The new name of the former Christian Political Foundation for Europe is now Sallux – referring to the Latin words for salt (sal) and the light (lux). 



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