ECPM condemns verdict against Savchenko and calls on Moscow to release her

ECPM condemns the verdict and the 22-year sentence issued recently against Nadiya Savchenko, an MP and a member of Ukrainian Armed Forces, who had been abducted by separatists in the eastern part of Ukraine and taken across the border against her will.   


Russia’s handling of Savchenko’s capture and trial shows disregard for the rule of law and due process. Since her capture and imprisonment in July 2014 on trumped-up charges, her trial and hearing dates were repeatedly delayed, and the trial venue was moved to a remote region in Russia to make it difficult for independent observers to reach. Savchenko also endured interrogations, solitary confinement, and forced psychiatric evaluations.  


During the past 20 months, Nadiya Savchenko has become a symbol of Ukrainian national pride and strength. The ECPM joins the people of Ukraine in expressing deep concern for her wellbeing, and in protesting this unjust outcome. Once again, we call on Russian authorities to release her immediately.

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