ECPM commemorates the victims of the Armenian genocide and welcomes its recognition in Europe

The ECPM and its Youth organisation (ECPYouth) commemorate today the genocide of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Christian populations in Turkey that took place under Ottoman rule in 1915. The trauma and consequences of this crime against humanity is felt in these communities even today.

The ECPM welcomes the recognition of this genocide by the European Parliament and several Parliaments in Member States like the Dutch, Flemish, Austrian and German parliament. ECPM fully agrees with both statements that Turkey should recognise this past and take this recognition as a starting point for national and international reconciliation, especially with Armenia.

Following the words of Pope Francis on the commemoration of this genocide the ECPM reiterates that the Armenian genocide is a clear warning sign for today. Recognising this past means that we need to do all that is possible to stop the continuing persecution and killing of Christian and other minorities today. The ECPM is shocked that even this week President and majority of the EP refused to admit the persecution of Christians by refusing to recognise the fact that Kenyan students were killed because of their Christian faith. Recognising the past should lead to recognising the present which leads to concrete steps to prevent a repetition of this terrible past.

The ECPM repeats therefore its call to all EU Member states to implement the EP resolution of 12 March last in order to protect and support these very same Armenian and Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian minorities under attack by ISIS and others today.

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