ECPM Christmas message

As the new interim President of ECPM I was thinking what to write as my first Christmas message. Yet, just before I started writing the horrible terrorist attack in Berlin took place. A horrific act that killed many who were shopping for Christmas or just came to enjoy the atmosphere. On behalf of ECPM I express my sincerest condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

The aim of the terrorist is to make us feel frightened. We should not fear but we do have to realize that life is very precious. Therefore, it is our task to enjoy life with each other and to protect one another. We should do this in Europe but also outside our borders. In the last few years I have visited Iraq, Syria,Lebanon and Jordan to find out what I can do as Member of the European Parliament to help those who are fleeing for IS or other aggressors. I believe we can solve the problems that we are facing if we are steadfast, take responsibility and continue to consistently promote freedom, safety and dignity of all and each human being.

Of course, this is a major task but I sincerely believe that if we do what we can do, then God will use our efforts and do with it what only He can do. What God already has done is something we celebrate with Christmas; the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. God became man to save us. This is a comforting thought amidst peril and adversity. This belief is also the core foundation of ECPM. We believe that we are called to be followers of Christ in order to be bearers of peace to this world. For 2017 this assignment is clearly challenging and real but it is one we must take.

It is my wish that not only ECPM politicians, but everyone who works in politics and considers himself a Christian, will contribute to promote a culture of freedom and peace instead of a culture of fear and violence. Let us pray and commemorate this Christmas what Jesus has done for us, and listen to the Holy Spirit to see how we can play our part in this for the coming year.

I wish you a blessed Christmas and a successful 2017!

Branislav Škripek
ECPM Interim president and MEP for Slovakia

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