ECPM calls on the European Commission to stop funding Planned Parenthood

The ECPM calls on the European Commission to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood after the release of (currently) seven videos from the Center for Medical Progress. Several legal investigations of Planned Parenthood are on-going in the United States to uncover if the organisation is really involved in the illegal sale of baby parts, acquired through abortion.

Awaiting the results of these investigations, any funding of Planned Parenthood either directly or via participation in projects that are (co-) funded by the Commission should be stopped. ECPM calls on the Commission to take this matter seriously, especially because of the sensitivity of the issue. Besides this, it should be standard procedure that any funding by the European Commission to an organisation that is charged with serious allegations, will be thoroughly reviewed.

Planned Parenthood has received over 10 million euro via the European Commission in the period between 2007 and 2014. Apart from any ideological view on this issue, it is clear that any abortion is a personal tragedy. Gaining a profit from abortions is therefore morally questionable. However, doing so in an illegal way is something that should be rejected and combated by any governmental institution or political ideology. Therefore stopping the funding of Planned Parenthood due to the current investigations is the only right action to take, regardless from any ideological view on abortion.

In the view of ECPM, not one euro from the European taxpayer should be used to fund Planned Parenthood, we view life as something that should be protected from conception till natural death. Besides this, abortion is not a EU competence and therefore the European Commission should neither fund Planned Parenthood nor other organisations that promote abortion. The videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress make it even more clear why the European Commission should not fund these kind of organisations.


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