ECPM Board proposes MEP Branislav Škripek as new Board member

The Board of the European Christian Political Movement has decided, after approval of the Advisory Council, to propose Branislav Škripek as a new Board member. This is one of the main agenda items for the 10th ECPM General Assembly that will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia on October 25.

ECPM President Peter Östman shortly explains the arguments for their decision: ‘Since he became a member in 2012, Branislav Škripek has been a very active and committed member of ECPM. He was an ECPM candidate during the last European elections and got elected with preferential votes. As there is no representation yet in the Board from neither an MEP nor a member from Slovakia, Mr Škripek is an ideal addition to the Board. It will also ensure a closer relationship between the Board and the ECPM MEP’s (five at the moment) in the European Parliament.”

The candidacy of Škripek is also supported by the ECPM Advisory Council. On the 25th of October the ECPM members will have the final verdict during the General Assembly.

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