ECPM appalled by death sentence Meriam Yehya Ibrahim

ECPM joins many other forces in international politics in speaking out against the death sentence Meriam Yehya Ibrahim. The Sudanese woman was arrested and charged with adultery last August because of her marriage to a Christian South Sudanese man. Meriam also claimed to be a Christian an not a Muslim as she was raised by her Christian mother. On 15 May her death sentence was handed down by a court in Khartoum after she refused to renounce her religion.

"With both sadness and disbelief I took notice of the decision of the Khartoum court,"says ECPM President Peter Östman," this is an extremely painful example of what can happen when there is no freedom of religion." ECPM sees this sentence as a trend that clearly points to a growing oppression of Christians in Sudan. "Christians are the ones that suffer the most from the crises in Sudan that already led to the independence of South Sudan. We hoped that eventually the independence would lead to more stability but the situation is still extremely volatile and there is little respect for basic human rights such as the freedom of religion."

Amnesty International started a petition for Meriam Yehya Ibrahim which we urge you to sign.

ECPM also calls on its members to contact their own government in roder to put pressure on the Sudanese government to implement and uphold legislation that protects the freedom of religion.


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