CPFE Roundtable on Refugees

On Thursday 18 February, our affiliated foundation - the Christian Political Foundation for Europe (CPFE) - is organizing with ECPM MEP Branislav Škripek a roundtable conversation in the European Parliament. Topic of the roundtable conversation is “Response to the Asylum Crisis along the Refugee Route”.

The event will track the situation of the refugees and the challenges for Europe along the route. MEP’s, MP’s and NGO speakers from countries of origin, countries of transit and destination countries along the refugee route will exchange their experiences and views. With this event, CPFE and ECPM aim to create a dialogue towards more effective European policies on this issue.

Furthermore, CPFE aims to establish improved relations between the various NGO and political actors along the refugee route, and provide them with the relevant points of connection at the European level. Representatives from NGO’s based in Lebanon, Greece, Serbia and Germany will share their experience with the refugee situation in their countries. MEP’s and MP’s from Greece, Germany and Slovakia will share their experiences and views as well as their political outlook on this development.

Although participation to this event is based on invitation only, we want to let you know that ECPM and CPFE are continually being kept informed about the refugee situation via close contact with our members in affected countries and via fieldwork in refugee camps and countries of origin of refugees. This roundtable conversation is one of the ways in which we are consulting others: those who will be present are warmly invited to share their own views and experiences and connect with the various speakers.

Contact information: noemi.montes@cpfe.eu

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