Conference: “Politicians and Civil Society against Human Trafficking”

Nobody denies the fact that human trafficking is a horrendous reality that must be stopped. Every day we can read new articles on children, women and men being trafficked for sexual exploitation and hard labour. The economic profit connected to it is one of the main reasons why this happens. Many people and politicians are unaware of the sophisticated criminal system behind human trafficking. As long as people sit back and don’t do anything about it, the system will only expand and more children, women and men will suffer. Politicians must be aware of this and collaboration with civil society and law enforcement is crucial in stopping human trafficking.

On the 22nd of April this year, the ECPM, the European Freedom Network (EFN) and the Romanian Parliamentary Group combating the traffic of persons are pleased to invite you to our conference on Politicians and Civil Society against Human Trafficking in the Romanian Parliament, Bucharest. 

During this event ECPMS aims to assist the Romanian Parliamentary Group members in their fight against human trafficking and facilitate good cooperation with NGOs and other Romanian partners. Therefore experts from Europe will come to give their views on how politicians should work together with the civil society in order to prevent and combat the trafficking of persons.

The conference is part of the Bridge event organized by EFN and supported by ECPM that lasts from 20 till 24 April.

For more information and to register please visit our Events page here.

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