Combating terrorism necessary to stop migrant streams to Europe

As migrants stream from Syria flow into the EU we repeat our call to take serious efforts to combat ISIS in Syria in line with the European Parliament resolution of 12 March last. Although humanitarian efforts are required and very necessary, the rootcause of this situation cannot be ignored. No solution in Syria or Iraq will be achieved without the defeat of ISIS in Syria. The ECPM has literally been on the front line in dealing with this situation and advocating for crucial steps towards a safe and stable situation in the region.

We call on the Member States to start serious co-operation with the Democratic Self Administration (Rojava) and all its defensive forces of YPG, Syriac Military Council and allied Arab forces (Free Syrian Army and Sanadid). Without this first step there is no chance to defeat ISIS and bring democracy, safety and stability to Syria.

Furthermore we consider that it is crucial to improve the situation of the refugees in Rojava, Iraq,Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Serious investment in the refugee camps is needed not only to improve the humanitarian situation but also to transform these camps into places where people are prepared for a future in Iraq and Syria. In addition it is paramount that FRONTEX is strengthened and changed into an organization that can seriously improve border security in those EU Member States receiving a disproportionate number of migrants compared to other EU Member States.

Finally, ECPM does not rule out the possibility to create an EU-wide refugee status for people from Iraq and Syria that can be reviewed as the situation develops. Such a status would give equal treatment across the EU as condition for the allocation plans under discussion.

The ECPM and its foundation will continue to work on policies that address the root cause of the migration streams.

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