Call on the EU and UN: Help the minorities in Iraq and work together with Kurdistan

As a humanitarian crisis in Northern Iraq is unfolding due to the terrorist IS organization it is clear that the international community has to act in the most effective way to save the minorities in the region. Christians, Yazidi’s, Turkmens and other minorities are persecuted to death by ISIS which is also destroying the cultural and religious heritage of these minorities. This is confirmed by countless media reports and the UN in Iraq[1]

The mentioned minorities have massively fled to the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan[2]. The region is governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). The KRG has declared clearly and univocally its aim to protect those who have fled the ISIS terror and has acted according to these statements[3]. Even more, the Kurdish militia (Peshmerga) have put their lives on the line in defending their territory and pockets of land with minority populations[4]

At this moment the KRG is the only stable political partner in Northern Iraq for the international community that acts according to human rights values. The KRG acts as well according to article 31 of the constitution of Iraqi Kurdistan that provides equal rights to minorities.

It is clear that while the KRG is doing its utmost to help the people in need, the central Iraqi government has proved to be incapable to do anything to combat the ongoing crisis. Neither has it given the KRG the support it needs and rightfully should get from the central government. However, so far the international community has not started to work directly with the KRG.

We want the international community, the EU and UN, to act in such a way that the needed help is given as quickly and efficiently as possible. We therefore call to all those who care for the minorities in Iraq to ask their governments to support the following:     

We call to EU and UN to start as soon as possible direct co-operation with the Kurdistan Regional Government in order to provide quickly sufficient help and safety for the people who flee from the ISIS terror.

We believe that the humanitarian drama that is unfolding is more important than long-held political positions. Every child, woman and man that dies in this terror is one too many. The scale of this crisis is recognised, we want that the EU and UN act accordingly.

To show your support for the Iraqi Christians please sign this petition addressed to the United Nations and Arab League.


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