Brexit: Call for Reform

There is no doubt that the UK leaving the EU is a disaster for the “European Project” as it has been understood up until this point. Of course, it will have a major impact on the UK as well.

There is also no doubt that this is the final wake-up call for the EU. It is clear that the EU itself cannot continue as an 'ever closer union'. It is also clear that the EU leaders should have taken the demands of the UK more seriously as these demands did indeed reflect the substantial and persistent concerns of the British people.

ECPM has always worked for a reformed EU that is far less intrusive in domestic affairs and much more concerned about the real needs of the people. An EU that is focused at the real problems and needs facing us and less focused on the EU as ideal in itself.

Because of these real needs and concerns, the EU has to ensure that Brexit cannot be the only issue of focus in the future. There are too many challenges coming towards us. We cannot lose ourselves in the internal aftermath of Brexit consequences.

ECPM has worked on these real issues and presents solutions in dealing with terrorism, the refugee crisis and economic reform.

If the lesson of Brexit is not to be wasted, the EU must realise that its purpose is to serve its peoples, rather than the ideologies and priorities of euro-elites, who have insulated themselves from the desires of the people. In order to do this the EU should fully respect Member States’ national identities, cultures and constitutional traditions. Subsidiarity is the leading principle in this respect.

The EU was offered the choice between serious reform with the UK as a member; or lip-service reform with the UK out. The EU made clear that it was not interested in serious reform, and therefore lost the UK as a member.

ECPM strongly urges the remaining EU member states to internalise what has happened yesterday, and to embrace substantial meaningful reform; or the UK’s departure will be the first of many — and the EU will have no-one to blame but itself for its own eventual dissolution.

We continue to work for an EU that lives up to its core values and is a means to that end. 

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