Baghdad and Istanbul attacks

Two horrific terrorist attacks have taken place in the course of one week. Yesterday’s report of an IS attack in Baghdad resulted in a horrific amount of more than 200 deaths and more than 300 wounded, while the bomb attack in Istanbul airport last Tuesday night resulted in 39 deaths and 239 wounded.

Two countries are shaken up by terrorist attacks again, aimed at their capital cities. The European Christian Political Movement mourns with the families of the victims and prays for all the loved ones the victims leave behind.

Now that IS is starting to lose its battle on the ground, it is acting out with terrorist attacks. The attack in Baghdad is one of the biggest attacks of the last 10 years in the region. This alarming development results in many casualties in regions outside of IS control. However, this development is a sign of what we already know: IS is starting to be defeated on the ground in Syria and Iraq. The recapturing of the city of Fallujah last week is a sure and promising sign of this. We hope and pray that IS will continue to be defeated, so that peace may return to the region and its citizens.

The tactic used by terrorists is fear – it is used to intimidate the local peoples of Syria and Iraq and it is used to frighten and put pressure on  neighboring countries like Turkey. The attacks on European soil have the same aim. This fear creates division, disconnection and it feeds disorder which actually is a breading ground for home grown terrorism . As Christians and Christian politicians, we should not give in to this fear: the Bible tells us a total of 365 times to “fear not”. Therefore, as ECPM we continue our call to combat IS effectively in Syria and Iraq but to stay calm and wise when taking anti-terrorism measures inside Europe.

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