AUF Germany: “Subsidiarity is a major issue in this campaign”

The German AUF party will focus on the principle of subsidiarity in their campaign for the European Parliament elections. AUF which stands for Labour (Arbeit) , Environment (Umwelt) and Family, is worried about the growing influence of EU institutions as they feel that the German citizen does not realize that many issues are decided in Brussels and Strasbourg, not in Berlin nor the German regional capitals.

In this video, Martina Döbrich (candidate) is shortly explaining the reason why.

ECPM fully supports this focus of its member party. In the election Manifesto, ECPM also explicitly mentions the principle of subsidiarity:

"A revaluation of subsidiarity based on the relational paradigm is necessary. Subsidiarity means that political decisions and their execution should in principle take place at the level to which people relate to and therefore feel empowered towards the decision-making process. Due to the lack of subsidiarity many feel unrelated and therefore disempowered. We need an EU that understands this."

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