“I am Nasrani” – ECPM MEP's support Christians in the Middle East

MEP's Beatrix von Storch, Peter van Dalen, Branislav Škripek and Arne Gericke made a clear statement in the European Parliament in Strasbourg that they stand with the Christians in the Middle East. They wore aT-shirt with the "I am N" symbol to show their support for those who are persectuted by the extremist IS group.

"Nasrani" is the Arabic word for "Christian" and this symbol was used by the IS group to mark the households of the Christians living in the areas occupied by the group. Once their houses were marked, the Christians were forced to make a choice out of several unjust or horrific options: pay a high tax for being a Christian, convert to Islam, face a cruel death or simply leave their house without any of their belongings. 

The ECPM is highly concerned for the fate of these Christians and everything that happens in the Middle East because of IS group.On Wednesday the 17th of September, van Dalen, wearing this T-shirt declared that "together with ten of my colleagues, I wear this T-shirt as a sign of solidarity for the Christians in the Middle East. Let us support the fight against the IS group. Let us make it clear for the governing power in the Middle East that persecution of Christians is not tolerated. And let us pray for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East." MEP Branislav Škripek added that he will vote in favour of the EP resolution to support the persecuted Christians and other minorities.

Besides openly supporting the Christians in the Middle East the ECPM also approved the conclusions of the recent plan of its Research Institute CPFE. This plan envisions EU action that will create long-term security for the Christians and other minorities in Northern Iraq. You can read this publication and send your comments on the CPFE website. 

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