‘Finding Safety’; CPFE presents plan to the EU to create long-term security for the minorities in Northern Iraq

The horrific atrocities committed by IS against the minorities in the Nineveh Province of Iraq finally drew the world’s attention to their situation. The ECPM was the first European party to call on the EU to support Iraqi Kurdistan in order to help all these minorities. The US and EU have started to send humanitarian and military support to Iraqi Kurdistan in order to help the victims and stop the IS advance. As this advance has stopped and IS is slowly driven in retreat, the question arises how the long-term safety of the minorities concerned can be secured.


Having met many representatives and people from the region the CPFE hereby presents an overview of the situation and a political direction for the EU to achieve long-term security for these peoples. The plan is gaining approval among the peoples concerned. The Board of the ECPM adopted the conclusions and political direction during their last meeting in Helsinki, Finland.  ECPM President Peter Östman stated that " this is the direction that could really lead to a sustainable safe environment for minorities in Iraq, I hope political leaders from different ideological backgrounds are willing to take this sensible approach from our research institute very serious."


The publication has been published as ‘approved draft’ allowing for minor improvements. Given the pressing situation the CPFE Board considered the urgency to communicate this plan as more important than possible smaller errors in its spelling or syntaxis. The publication can be downloaded via the CPFE website. We invite the readers to send their comments to secretariat@cpfe.eu


We encourage you to forward this publication among those who have the aim and possibilities to help to change this situation.


We dedicate this publication to the victims of IS and we hope, pray and work for a situation that the victims can become citizens.

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