ECPM Leadership Retreat

Event date: 
Tue, 16/08/2016 - 00:00 to Sat, 20/08/2016 - 12:00
Event location: 
Langesund Bad, Norway
Event description: 

A time of reflection, a time of relaxation, a time of connecting, a retreat with a purpose. ECPM would like to organize a retreat custom made for our leaders. A few days in an unforgettable location in Norway where they can relax, gain more insight in current matters and meet new and old friends that have the same purpose in life: to serve God in society and politics. Much time will be reserved for relaxation and small group discussions but in a few sessions professionals will have inspiring presentations.

Registration for this event is invitation based only. 


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Event report: 

For the second time, ECPM organized a retreat for its members in order to strengthen the bonds, relax and brainstorm about the future of ECPM and Christian politics in Europe.  ECPM’s leadership retreat that took place between the 16th and 20th of August was an excellent opportunity for reflection and relaxation for ECPM MEPs, Board and Staff Members. The venue for our event was Langesund Bad, a beautiful hotel outside the city of Langesund in south Norway. Participants enjoyed the excellent weather and the wonderful surroundings and had the opportunity to rest, connect and engage in discussions on this year’s theme: “Salt and light in the world”. Each day started with a short bible study that was followed by Seminars by Pastor Erik Jensen (“What does God want to do in Politics?), Guido Van Beusekom (ECPM’s General Director) and Leo Van Doesburg (ECPM’s Director for European Affairs) (“What is ECPM’s purpose in politics?”) and finally by former Norwegian MP Lars Rise (“How to follow Jesus as a politician”).

Each day ended with group talks that gave participants the opportunity to reflect on what was discussed each day and on ways the voices of Christian politicians can be heard more effectively in today’s world. Finally, on the last day, participants enjoyed a time of worship with renowned gospel singer Arvid Pettersen.

The wonderful time spent in Norway convinced us that this should become an event that takes place traditionally every year.